Bicarbonate of Soda Volcanoes

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On the first week back of term, Asia class created bicarbonate of soda volcanoes. Since then, we have learned many different things about volcanoes, but this was our favourite because we could actually make something.  They were really fun and satisfying to watch. This is how we made them:
– First we filled a plastic bottle with powder paint to make the eruption more lava like.
– Then we put washing-up liquid in to make it bubbly.
– Next, we added  the bicarbonate of soda in ,which would cause the reaction later. The reaction was caused by the bicarbonate of soda and vinegar mixing.
– We then surrounded the bottle with compost to make it look more like a volcano.
– Lastly, we put in the vinegar in the bottle and the pretend lava splurted out. The mixture was pink because of the powder paint that we put in at the start.
At the end we were very happy because it worked out well, except for a few spillages. As we were doing the project, we took pictures to help us with our literacy, which was instructions about how to make the experiment.
Written by BM and MP

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