Class-led worship leads to improved responsibility!

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In Year 5/6 this week, our class-led worship was on the theme of responsibility.  A group from North America dramatised a school situation which highlighted the importance of responsibility.  They then read ‘The 3 Servants’ passage from the Bible which helped to reinforce this theme, before getting the children to reflect on what responsibility means to them.  We were left with the question: How can we show responsibility this week?
Back in class, we have really been examining exactly what responsibility looks like at school, and how the children can work on developing their own levels of responsibility.  In Literacy for example, we have talked about how we can become more independent and responsible for our own explanation writing.  The children agreed three main areas that would lead to improvement: being organised and having a plan, gathering appropriate resources and working with a mixture of independence and collaboration.
This was then brilliantly demonstrated in a fantastic literacy session, where children worked diligently and thoughtfully, showing an abundance of resilience and that important word: RESPONSIBILITY!

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