Buzzing About Electricity

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This half-term in science, we have been learning about circuits and have experimented with batteries (also known as cells), wires, bulbs,motors,buzzers and switches.Circuits are lots of electrical equipment connected to a battery with wires to make something happen, for example light up a bulb or make a motor spin. We had to use a special circuit called a control circuit, and another circuit which we would compare to it. We have also learnt about volts and ammeters, how to draw circuits scientifically and planned and made our own experiment with help from our peers.
Our experiment was ‘Does adding more motors change the speed?’ We found out that adding motors stops the first motor from moving but the other motor would not work. Other groups were doing different experiments, for example changing the amount of wires or buzzers.
We had a really good time with Mrs Caveney and had lots of fun!
Written by CL and LP

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