Visit From A 1914 Ford

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Up until Christmas, we are learning about inventions and inventors. On Tuesday a 1914 Ford Model T came in and we learnt about the amazing invention that is the modern day car and who invented it. Henry Ford was the person who set up the Ford company. We learnt that before the starter motor was used in 1915, you had to use a starter crank to get the engine going. We got to see inside the car and see the engine which was a 3-litre flat 4 engine. We got to ask questions about the car and learn a lot more about vehicles back then.
In literacy this week, we are writing a biography about Henry Ford and his life. He was born in 1869 and died in 1945. His first ever car made was a powered quadricycle with a 3-litre tank and a top speed of 20MPH. As well as that, it only had 3HP. The model N was the next car released.
We also learnt what Henry Ford’s early life was like and that his Mum died in 1879. We also learnt that when he was 16, he moved to Detroit and became an engineer.
We are now going to write up our biography about this amazing inventor.
We are excited for the rest of our topic.
Written by AP and JM

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