The Story of Cereal

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The last two weeks in DT, we have been looking at cereal and its history. We have learnt about Kellogg’s and its founders, William and John Kellogg, and how an experiment of a new cereal gone wrong led to the invention of cornflakes and the hundreds of different cereals we know now.
Firstly, on the iPads, we looked at a Powerpoint about the history of Kellogg’s and how it started out as a heath spa for rich Americans in 1899. We also looked at the fact that the idea of cereal came about because the Kellogg brothers wanted their patients to have a healthy diet, instead of the big and fatty full English breakfast the patients were used to. This is where the invention of cornflakes came from.
After that, we filled out a timeline based on the Powerpoint we had already looked at. we also drew pictures to accompany it. We were reminded to bring in our bowl and spoon to use in the lesson ahead.
Our next lesson was the most fun! We had a taste test of four different cereals: Curiously Cinnamon, Grape Nuts, Honey Spelt Puffs and Cornflakes. We were given a table to fill out. It had the taste, texture, appearance and the taste with milk. In each box, we also scored the cereal out of five. Some of us liked all of the cereals, but most of us liked one or two more than the rest.
This week, we have been looking more at the packaging than what is inside. We looked at what was printed on the box, and any essential infomation you have to include. The whole class had each brought in an old cereal box to use in our lesson. We had to draw our cereal box out and label each feature, before filling in all the detail and colouring it in.
We have all loved doing this series of lessons, and can’t wait to carry on and make our own packaging and designing our very own cereal!
Written by RE and JR

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