The Ash Cafe makes MEGA MONEY!

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The day has been one of greatness! This morning, all of Ash were chefs in the production of many banana cakes! The sweet scent of greatness wafted through the Infant Department as the cakes cooked! This afternoon, we prepared for the Healthy Café, as our classroom was transformed into ‘The Ash Cafe’! Shopkeepers waited in anticipation of the sales that they would make! Children welcomed the adults, as well as marketing the cakes to be sold. Some children, even, kept a running tally of how many pieces of cake had been sold!
We have just calculated the amount of money taken (though we are yet to subtract our costs!). ASH MADE £60.40!!!!!
“I enjoyed when we gave the cakes out to our parents.” Sofia
“I enjoyed when I was telling the parents how many tokens they needed to give.” Wilson
“I enjoyed counting up all the money at the end. I felt excited when we found out how much money there was!” Melody
What a wonderful and fruitful day by Ash!

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