Science Day in Year 1/2

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The children had a wonderful Science Day today! They explored ‘survival’ in humans and animals, in relation to what animals need to stay alive and healthy, and also learnt about ‘adaptation’! A super day of learning!
The children’s day began with the visit of Mrs Cathie, a paediatrician doctor! She explored what children and adults need to do to stay healthy and safe! It was a super talk, and a brilliant start to the day! Many thanks Mrs Cathie for your time and effort in putting together such an informative and inspirational learning experience!
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Please see ‘Our School App’ in the ‘App Store’ for the Talk Time Learning (TTL) for the week ahead 09/10/17:
Maths: Number! Recognise all of the numbers around you! What number is that? How do you know? What digits are in that number? e.g. 31 is a 3 and 1 digit. What are the digits worth? e.g. 31 – the 3=30 and the 1=1.
Writing: We are writing a story involving superheroes with special powers! What could you character’s special power be? How could they use their super power to help people?
Reading: Orange of Organisation – Look at the front cover…how do you know that is the title? Who has written the book? What is the word we use for someone who has written a book?

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