Dinosaurs and pants galore!

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This week in Willow Base, some eggs appeared in our tuff tray. The children were very
helpful because I wanted to find out what could be in them or where they could have
come from. We had some wonderful ideas: dragon’s eggs, dinosaur’s eggs and even eggs
with mini crocodiles in.
In phonics this week, children have been learning to say and write the sounds ‘s’ and ‘d’.
We practised in sand, with paint and even by going on a sound hunt. During the sound
hunt children had to find the correct dinosaur, say the sounds and then practise writing it.
What super work wonderful Willow Base!
On Thursday Willow Base had a ‘pants’ day looking at 2D shapes and pattern.
We made our own patterned pants, made repeating patterns on a washing line, built
our very own shapes and loads more!
What another fabulous week in Willow Base. Well done everyone!

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