Ancient Greek Mosaics

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This half term, children in Asia class have been writing their own blog entries about some of their most memorable experiences this term. Here are two of our reports on some recent artwork we did!
Recently our class have been studying Ancient Greece and in art we have been making mosaics. Mosaics are pictures or patterns made with glass tiles that the Ancient Greeks used to decorate their walls and floors. In class, we were given wooden bases to make our mosaics on, and an assortment of coloured tiles. We learnt how the tiles needed to go on the base with the ridged side down so that the glue would be able to go into the cracks Also, we had to make sure that we only had a certain amount of tiles on each line, or else the grout, which is a bit like cement, wouldn’t be able to fit between them.
Using PVA glue, most of us decided to stick on our tiles in a pattern, though some of us glued them on in a picture, or the first letter of our name. Each person was given four gold tiles to go wherever they wanted on their mosaic bases. Once we had arranged our tiles and stuck them onto our wooden bases, we had to wait for them to dry for a couple of days. We were then allowed to go out in groups to put in the grout. Putting in the grout was really fun – we had to scoop up some on a gift card, then spread it over the mosaic so that it got into all the cracks. Then we scraped off the excess and polished it down with a wet cloth.
We were all really pleased with our artwork when it was done.
This term in Asia class our topic is the Greeks.  As a special treat, Ms Fulcher-Cornah very kindly volunteered to help us make some mosaics to take home and keep. Mosaics were a beautiful pieces of art, glued together with egg white. Of course, we used PVA glue, so the eggs could wait!  Our first step was to plan out our designs, all of which very unique and pretty, and then glue on the gems. Did you know that the ancient Greeks used broken glass from the streets to decorate their mosaics?
The week after that, we added grout, which is a bit like cement, and we waited for it to dry. As well as putting in the grout, we waited a whole week so that the glue could dry and secure the tiles. It was very fun and sticky, and we all had grout over our clothes afterwards! We all loved it so much and it was a really great experience. Thank you so much Ms Fulcher-Cornah!
We will take our mosaics home after they have been displayed, and we are all very proud with our final results.

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