What a Super School Start

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What a brilliant start to the week for Willow and Oak Base. They have been coming into school with big smiles on their faces and remembering where to put all of their things! Every morning Willow have chosen a ‘busy finger’ activity to complete, practising their fine motor skills. They did very well to focus on these tasks!We learnt about our carpet spaces, and said good morning to everyone with a
cheery song. Throughout the week, Willow have had the chance to be great actors and actresses, playing in the role play and dressing up. They’ve shown us their throwing and catching, balancing and building skills. The classroom became an art gallery, with children creating their own faces and some very lovely pictures of their  families! WELL DONE WILLOW BASE! We are SUPER proud of you and have had a wonderful, wonderful week with you. We can’t wait to see you next week, when you will also be spending lunch time with us! A big thank you to all of the lovely parents who have helped their children to settle in so quickly with great morning routines. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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