The first few days…

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Welcome to North America’s first class blog of the new academic year! In every entry, we will do a whistle-stop tour of what the class has been up to and what we have been learning.
In these first few awesome days of school, we have learnt about the Learning Pit – the pit being a metaphor for challenge. Sometimes, we can just jump over the pit.  However, at other times we fall in and need help to get out. We need to use our BLP skills of resourcefulness and reciprocity to help ourselves climb out to the other side.  In Maths for example, we can decide how deep our pit is going to be, by choosing between set A,B or C , each one a different level of difficulty!
Also, we have been learning about the Greek mythological hero Heracles (not Hercules – that’s Roman!), who had super-human strength.  We have learn all about his exploits and twelve particularly tricky labours he had to complete.  Then we used our beautiful treasure books (that’s a whole other story!) to create a character profile.  We are now in the process of imagining a 13th task for him to complete.
We look forward to publishing our finished stories sometime soon! Watch this space!

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