Superhero beginning to the week!

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What a brilliant beginning to our new topic: ‘Super Healthy Heroes’ for Year 1 and 2 on Monday! The children embarked upon Hero Training, undertaking a variety of exercises at Super Training College!
They did Power Training with AquaGirl, and developed skills of strength, teamwork, concentration and listening while doing a variety of physical games including: Green Hornet, The Shield, and Sharky Hero!
Batwoman herself, engendered learning with the creation of delectable delights! The sweet scent of ‘hero biscuits’ filled the department, to be enjoyed at home as part of a balanced evening meal…!
Children created hero masks, and also made their own heroes as part of the day! What a super start to the topic, which will continue this week with the writing of superhero stories, and noticing the value of digits on superheroes’ capes!
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