The Titanic Disaster

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 This term, Year 5/6 have been learning all about the Titanic, the cruise liner that left Southampton in April 1912 to head for New York, but sadly never arrived as it hit an iceberg and sank.

We started the unit by going up to the Common and measuring out the length and width of the Titanic on a field. Although it seemed quite large (it was the largest ship of the time, after all!), most modern cruise liners are two to three times the size!

We have also made graphs and charts to show information about the ship, its passengers and cargo; written diaries in the style of first and third class travellers; constructed a timeline of the fateful voyage and made our own iceberg-inspired artwork.


Most recently, we have been thinking about who was most to blame for the Titanic sinking. We collected and evaluated a range of evidence before having a debate in class and writing a balanced argument about who we each considered was most at fault. In the end, most of us chose Bruce Ismay, the boss of White Star Line. We learned more about the inquiries into the disaster on our trip to Sea City museum this week, where there was a court room where we could listen to different people’s evidence.

All in all, it has been a fascinating topic!

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