Our farm trip

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(Written by the children)

Yesterday Year R went to the farm. First we fed the pigs, there was a gigantic one. We had to say ‘wakey wakey’ to wake them up but one fell asleep so we had to try again. Then we had to wash our hands to make sure our hands were clean. Then we went on the tractor and saw bulls and cows. After that we saw ducks and turkeys and chickens. Then we held some chicks, they were fluffy and cute! Next we saw the big goats and fed them some food. And then we even saw the babies and fed them some milk. Then we got the eggs from the chickens and carried them safely all the way back to the farm shop. Next we saw the cows and washed our hands really well before lunch. Finally we sat and had our picnic and we played some games. We had a lovely time at the farm.

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