What cat does that belong to….???

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The Lower School’s fun linked to their Cat topic this half term continues!!!! Greeted with a series of cat fur patterns, the children used their Resilient Rhino noticing eyes on Monday to try to match the correct cat to the fur….domestic and big cats papered the walls as the challenge began!!

The children have also explored the outdoors in search of natural patterns, as well as looking at the famous Escher, Matisse and Gaudi, in relation to their use of pattern to inspire and learn about the different uses of pattern. Coming soon, will be the designing of motifs to later transfer to material, in preparation for the infamous ‘Cat Walk’!!!

Maths saw the data collection and graphing of discrete data, in the form of favourite cats! Literacy continues to follow Varjak Paw’s journey on the ‘Outside’….the children wrote letters, as Varjak himself, to his mum back home this week!

A top week…bring on more fun linked to the children’s ideas next week! #children’sideasmatter #lowerschool #BLP #makingmemories

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