MOOT Projects Complete!

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Since January, every child in Year 5/6 has been working on their own personal project, and today was the day that we were finally able to show off what we’ve achieved!

Our MOOT projects (Managing Our Own Time) have helped us to take charge of our own learning: we were given ten hours to plan, research, draft and present a written project based on whatever topic we chose, and the results were pretty impressive! From illustrated guides to big cats, to adventure stories set in the Alps, to booklets on Einstein’s theory of space-time (seriously!), our projects covered a wide range of topics.  Because the subjects of our projects were  things we’d chosen ourselves, we were all motivated to do our very best.

This afternoon, we showed off what we had made in the hall, and got the chance to look at what other children across Year 5/6 had written about. It was a great success, and all the teachers, TAs and other members of staff who came to see what we’d been up to were impressed with the results.

In Asia class, all of our projects have been collected together in a fancy ring binder, so anyone who wants to come and have a read is very welcome!


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