Cats Topic Launch Day

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In Year 3/4 on Monday we launched our new ‘Cats’ topic with an exciting surprise morning of activities for the children to take part in.  Children had the opportunity to use their movement and gymnastic skills to create original group cat dances in the hall.  In addition, they explored how cats have been used in the arts, specifically looking at the musical ‘Cats’ and the famous Skimbleshanks poem by TS Eliot.

They also had to combine creative and DT skills to design and make a cat mask, adorned with vivid patterns and stripes!

In the afternoon we started to look at the book that will be focusing on this term.  Varjak Paw is an adventurous tale of a martial arts cat that has to learn the way of Jalal!

Finally, children used their artistic skills to create cat pictures, inspired by a range of artist’s paintings!

Luckily, the day went very well without any CAT-ASTROPHES!

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