A Tasty Design!

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In Australasia this term we have been investigating, designing and making packaging linked to our ‘Under the Sea’ topic – fish and chips packaging to be precise!

Firstly, we looked at how and why packaging was made, specifically thinking about purpose, function and other aesthetic attributes.

Then we made mood boards to start gathering ideas for themes for our very own fish and chips packaging.  After this, we created three different designs.  We gathered feedback from our peers and narrowed it down to a final design!

Then it was time to get making! We incorporated our mathematical understanding of nets and 3D shapes to make functional fish and chips packaging! We added our final designs to finish the whole process…almost!

There was one final missing ingredient. To properly test out our packaging we added some delicious hot chips! Would the packaging stand up to the heat and oil of the chips? We never really got to find out as most of the chips were hungrily devoured within seconds of hitting the packaging!

As we chomped happily on our chips, we carefully and thoughtfully filled in our evaluations. It was unanimously felt that this was indeed a worthwhile project for all concerned.  Perhaps we should look at pizza packaging next time??

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