A WHALE of a write…

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Linked to our Spring 1 theme in the Lower School of: Under the Sea, the children have had a fun-filled week undertaking tasks linked to their ideas for the topic!

Friday’s Big Write, was a highlight for Europe, whereby we focused upon a recent news article where a humpback whale breached the water taking two kayakers down to the depths of the ocean in its re-entry to the sea. Captivated by video evidence taken by a tourist on a nearby whale-watching boat, the children explored the scene with much ‘talk for writing’. This included the feelings of the kayakers, the visual imagery of the scene, and the impact upon the audience. Taking inspiration from this, together with the BBC news article, the children chose their own text type in which to take the learning in their own direction. Outcomes included some interesting stories, news reports and poems, which really painted the picture of this   dramatic event.

…we look forward to many more Under the Sea inspired learning experiences this half term, using the great ideas of the Lower School! #topfirstweek #greatlearning

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