Periscope Making in Asia

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 This week in Asia, when we haven’t been practising for our Christmas performance, we’ve been busy building periscopes, taking inspiration from the Christmas 2014 Sainsbury’s advert. We aimed to design something that the soldiers could use to look out of their trenches with.

Firstly, we clipped together polydron pieces to try and make a design that would hold mirrors and allow us to see over the edges of our tables. Once we had a working model, we unfolded it carefully and sketched its net. Next, we transferred the net onto squared A3 paper – we had to make sure the measurements were exactly right so that it would fold up properly! Once we had cut out our cardboard nets, we glued them together and decorated them neatly.

It was a messy day (no clean classroom award for us this week!), but also a lot of fun.

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