The Learning Pit

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In Australasia we have been exploring what the process of learning is really about!  We have looked at the ‘Learning Pit’ as a way of describing how it feels when we are doing something that challenges us.
We thought about times when learning has been hard for us and then went on to think about strategies for dealing with being ‘in the pit’.  We agreed that although at times being in the pit can make us feel anxious and frustrated, the feeling of achievement and pride we gain from getting out of the pit outweighs any difficulty have had to endure!

One particular strategy we feel has worked in our class is using the ‘BRAIN, BUDDY, BOSS’ model.  If we are unsure what to do to achieve our learning we first think about what resources are available to us and what learning we have already done that can help us.  We then think about a peer who might be able to support us.  Finally, we can ask an adult to help us only if we have exhausted the other possibilities.  In this way, we are becoming more independent, resilient and resourceful learners.

On particular recent example is of a Year 3 child in our class who was taking on the tricky and head-frying ‘Mr King’s Timestables Challenge.’ She found herself right in the middle of the pit and couldn’t get out!  She described being in the pit as being ‘really, really difficult.’  However, through perseverance and lots of practise she was able to climb out of the pit.  After wards she said, “I feel incredibly impressed with myself because it was a tough challenge.  I still can’t believe I’ve actually done it!”

By recognising when we are in the pit and what we can do about being there, we hope as a class to tackle any challenges we encounter in our learning with relish and excitement!

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