Portsmouth Museum

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On Friday 11th November, Year 5/6 took a trip to Portsmouth Museum, to find out more about life in World War II. This was a particularly special day to go since it was Remembrance Day, and at 11 o’clock we observed a two minute silence.

One of the activities we did involved a Home Front workshop, where we got to hold artefacts from the war, such as gas masks, 1940s schoolbooks and even a chamber pot! Some of us got the chance to dress up as people from the period, and we did some role play in the form of an air raid re-enactment.

Another war-related activity involved looking at a selection of paintings done by Blitz artist Edward King. He was an impressionist artist, and we enjoyed looking at his pictures of wartime Portsmouth. They helped us to think about what life was like for the people of the time, and we spent some time carefully observing and sketching copies of our favourite paintings.

Although these were the only WWII activities at the museum, we really enjoyed looking around the other exhibits too, including some Victorian houses, a Sherlock Holmes exhibition and – Mr Dodson’s favourite! – a room dedicated to the history of video games consoles! We had a great time trying out games from the 1980s and 1990s, comparing them to the kinds of games we can play now.

All in all, this was definitely a trip to remember!

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