"I'm so sorry Baby Bear." …Goldilocks reflects on that fateful day…!

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What fun Yr3/4 have had during ‘Kindness Week’, in support of the National ‘Anti-Bullying Week’. The children have explored the well-known traditional story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, engaging in Drama, as well as lots of ‘talk for writing’, and have written from Goldilocks’ perspective to the three bears. Making many choices that perhaps weren’t the wisest or kindest of choices, prompted the children to write persuasive letters as Goldilocks, and show how sorry they were for the actions undertaken on the fateful day when she entered the three bears’ cottage. Thinking with care and attention, Goldilocks also offered her kindness to the three bears, within the letter, including efforts of:
– “I will learn to cook porridge just as good as the way Daddy Bear cooks it, and I’ll save my pocket money to buy the ingredients to cook it for you one day.”
– “I’d like to invite you to a sleepover at my house…and you can even sleep in my bed Baby Bear.”
Friday culminated the week in Kindness Day, linked to Children in Need, where the children themselves were empowered to do an act of kindness during the day…and deliver their letters to the three bears……

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