Highfield At War

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 This term, Year 5/6 have been learning about the Second World War, with a particular focus on the Battle of Britain. Whilst the Year 6s were at Fairthorne a few weeks ago, the Year 5s collaborated on this fantastic map of the local area. Each person made 1/25 of the map, and we pieced them together at the end to make a big picture! The red road running from corner in Highfield Lane – can you spot where your house is?

This week, on Wednesday afternoon, Mrs Warren took us on a walk around Highfield, where we learnt about how the area was used during the war, and tried to find evidence of bomb damage. Did you know that military camps were set up on the Common, and that some old huts there eventually became classrooms for Highfield schoolchildren?

After looking around the area close to the school, we made our way to a bomb shelter in a back garden of Glebe Court. Everyone had a go at going down the steps and sitting in the cramped space inside – it helped us to realise how terrifying the air raids must have been! We ended our trip with a few activities in the Church, where we also got to see some war memorials that help us remember people who died defending our country during the war.

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