Who would have thought making a ‘simple’ origami box was so hard!

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As one of our getting to know each other activities, we all made origami boxes decorated with North American flags. It was surprisingly hard for some of us but we used our BLP skills! We all showed:
  • Resilience – we didn’t give up and some of us had several attempts as it was tricky to get all the folds in the correct place.
  • Reciprocity – There were several ‘experts’ that helped people in their teams and people also worked together through the steps.
  • Resourcefulness- we use the pictures, instructions and people around us so that we were successful.
  • Reflection – We made links with prior learning about how to fold in a straight line/accurately (a hard skill for many) and once finished many people reflected on their end product and decided they could do better and had another go at getting things even more exact.

Well done North America, you demonstrated your BLP skills and no one was left behind.


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