Monsters are roaming in Australasia!

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In Australasia, we have been creating monsters as part of our Minpins topic e.g. Hornswogglers, Spittlers, Whangdoodles, Snozzwanglers and Vermicious Knids. If you haven’t heard of it, The Minpins is a book written by the famous author Roald Dahl. This is an example of an imaginary monster and a description about it.

Blasting out smoke, his nose breathed deeply in. Eyes prepared to savage and a grimy face bore fear to any man or woman unfortunate to pass. Stern, narrow eyes burned with mighty fury, as the petrifying Hornswoggler slithered across the cobblestones. Ruby red bloodthirsty teeth as sharp as the peak of a mountain, the Hornswoggler would chomp you up in a split second. 

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