Making a difference

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In Australasia, we have been looking at the theme of making a difference, both in school and in the wider world. Firstly, we read the wonderful story, ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’. In this tale, we read about the character of George, a kind and friendly giant, who helps to make a difference as he encounters different people in need.

We then watched an inspirational TED talk from a young boy named Charlie Cooper who managed to make a huge difference to his life and the lives of other children, both in his school and throughout Australia.  If you would like to watch it for yourself, please follow the link: Charlie Cooper TED Talk


We carefully thought about how we could make a difference, writing our ideas in a cloud. These were then put together to make a display in our cloakroom.  Now, when we come into school each morning, we can think about how we can really start to make a difference!

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