EU Election at our school took place today – RESULTS!

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It has been an amazing few weeks by both Campaign teams gathering their information, considering both the stay and leave arguments and canvassing the voters – all of the children from Year 2 – 6!

This week the BBC visited to film the children in a televised debate hosted by our very own Question time host – Mr King! All of the children presented their arguments very well and seemed very confident in what was inevitably a nerve-inducing experience.

Here are some members of each team that were responsible for leading the debate before it got started.

And the votes have been counted this afternoon….. including postal votes from the infant children. One child, who was off sick, was so keen to cast their vote, that they made sure that their mum brought the vote in (the proxy was accepted!)

98% of the eligible pupils turned up to vote!  

84% of the children voted to stay in the EU with 16% voting leave!  

Will this be the same on 23rd June ? We will wait and see…




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