Maya Exploration

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This week in literacy, we have been writing our own diary entries. We had to imagine that we were in the hot, dense jungle and we had found and explored a Mayan temple. You had to write it from the point of view of one of the two explorers or a tourist: Frederick, or John (two people who went on a trip into a jungle and rediscovered a Mayan temple). Some people chose to write from an animals point of view, watching the two men explore. Of course, the animals had already seen the temple and would find it amusing watching the humans reaction to the city. We needed to show characterisation so the reader could picture the character in their heads. Mr King came in with pictures of his trip into the jungle, the pictures were of old ruins. He helped us with the description by explaining the how it felt to be in the jungle (e.g. ‘Beads of sweat trickled down my back’ or ‘I had to sit down as the air was so thick I couldn’t breath properly’). He even tried writing a diary while we were writing ours.

In art, we have been drawing Mayan glyphs and pictures of their gods, but this week we had to create a Mayan-style picture that included a modern item (e.g. a car, a TV, a computer, etc).

During ICT, we have been on scratch creating games to do with space. We were given the chance to explore the world of coding whilst making our unique games. We experimented with different backgrounds, sprites and codes before settling on a background and sprite.

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