Jungle Poetry

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In Australasia we have been creating poems linked to our jungle topic.  We discussed what makes a good poem and brainstormed lots of different ideas.  We then thought about specific techniques that poetry uses to paint pictures in the mind’s eye.

After this, we spent quality time drafting and crafting our poems.  The results were spectacular! It was amazing to read the sheer amount of creativity that exists in our brains!

Here is one particular poem (written by one of our promising poets) that we all found incredibly moving and evocative! We hope you like it.

Old Friend

As close as twins were we

but now it is just elephant me

stomping alone in the overgrown place

I wish you hadn’t gone without me.

I knew as the night glared

Something horrible at me stared

As we went home, you it shot, not me

so now it fills my eyes with tears

I look back on our memorial adventures

I wish you were here, old friend.
It is amazing how the jungle reacts

to such sad facts.

With snake-like ivy crawling up trees

and grass sticking up like spikes

The birds stop chattering

The monkeys stop giggling

This is no wonderland anymore

Old Friend.

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