European Vote

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The children at Highfield are participating in their own  European membership referendum.

The rules for the vote have been laid down by the Highfield Electoral College. I am happy to report that at this stage of the children’s campaign they have followed the rules and are trying to present factually accurate information.

The members of the campaign teams have been decided on the basis of interview. (They were amazing!)

The children are taking the referendum very seriously. As one applicant put it, ‘Its my future. I will be around to live with the result.’

and ‘ Although the votes won’t be collected in by the government, we feel that it is important that children have their say.’

Meetings, question and answer sessions and ‘hustings’ will be held. Children do not have to vote so it will be important for the teams to get their vote out on Thursday 16th June. Yes that is a week early. This is on purpose, as the children would like to feel that undecided grown ups might like to know what children think.After all the adults’ vote affects their future.

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