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This term, we have been learning about planets. In this subject, Year 6 and 5 have created their own one for J J Abrams (the director of Star Wars) to include in the next episode. First, we made a non-chronological report about it and then painted our planet on a sheet of paper. This week we’ve been studying about a book called ‘FIELD GUILD TO THE FANTASTICAL WORLD AROUND YOU’ which is about mythical creatures such as Manticores.    



We have been practising measurements and sequences. Year 6’s have been given practise sheets and investigations to enhance our sequence skills. This week, children have learnt to find patterns quicker and to work out logically. Also, we have been looking at linear graphs to work out equations.


Mr Dunn’s space talk.

On Wednesday, Mr Dunn came in to South America to talk about space. He compared Highfield to the ISS and taught us about stars. For forty minutes, Mr Dunn told us interesting facts and explained about the Periodic table. Being an astronomer, he has taken many photos and showed us pictures of nebulas. 

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