Space: the final frontier

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Over the last week the Upper Juniors have been thinking about the world beyond our galaxy and have been creating planets of there own. The children have been using their knowledge of planets and space to create their own fantasy planet incorporating both factual aspects of space and their own fictional ideas. Here is an extract from the beginning of Lettia’s non chronological report about the planet known as ‘Lush Life’.

Amzingly, the planet Lush Life is only one hundred years old. it was created when the star ‘Lush’ ejected a massive portion of itself, producing a magical planet. Lush Life has a binary star (a star that is made up of two stars that orbit each other). The two stars that make up the binary star burn like a sparkler.

Lush Life has a sun which is the center of the galaxy. Planted rely on the sun as a source of energy. Without the sun, life could not exist. The further away from the sun, the cooler a planet will be.

Our planets in model form

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