Asia’s Class Assembly

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Last week in Asia, we rehearsed and performed a class assembly, in which we showed off all the great learning we have done this year. Some of the acts included art, chemical reactions and even role play.

One of the acts was the tale of Perseus and Medusa – the terrifying gorgon who could turn people to stone. Starring seven people, this play was very entertaining for the audience. One reason for this was that Medusa served as two acts: narrator and the monster. The pupils who acted in the play only included the main parts of the story so that it would not be too long.

Although this was one of the longest acts, there were still plenty more. One of the science sections included a mini volcano eruption. Using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, the group who ran this really impressed the audience. They also encouraged other children to try it at home because it proved to be a fun, easy activity.

For art, we had two very interesting peformances. Although both were inspired by Japanese artist Hokusai, one group showed their recreations of The Great Wave, and the other did their printings and even made one of their own! This wrapped the show up nicely because, as they peeled of the styrofoam, it spelt out ‘The End.’ The audience were left surprised at this clever idea!

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