…a flight across Europe!

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Yr3/4 opened the week with a memorable Monday! As the children arrived at school, they were most surprised to be ushered through the main entrance, into Airport Security! Passing through the x-Ray machines, the children were checked prior to boarding the British Airways aeroplane! Flight attendants were ready to greet and show the passengers to their seats, while ensuring that all luggage was stowed under seats.
Prior to taxying to the runway, the children learnt of safety onboard, and the Captain greeted them with her flight plan. Three landings ensured that the passengers landed in their intended countries, which will form the focus of learning for the duration of the half term! Local temperatures in Paris, Rome, and Athens, were noted to be higher than those in the UK, as the passengers disembarked, and then became absorbed in learning centred around the country! A super start to our Yr3/4 travel topic!

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