Styrofoam Printing

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This week, Asia class have been focusing on Hokusai’s art work. Many of his artworks, such as the famous Great Wave off Kanagawa, are printed using woodblocks.

Before we began our prints, everyone watched a video, which showed us how woodblock printing is dnoe.The clip showed cartoon pictures being printed. Subsequently, we decided to make our own versions – though we had to use styrofoam rather than wood.

The process started by us drawing a rough sketch in our art books. Then, we drew it on styrofoam. Because the material was so delicate, we had to draw it extremely faintly so that we wouldn’t make a mistake. After we were happy with our design, we went over our drawing by pressing hard. Next, we decided to paint this with vibrant colours. In order that the picture would come through (when printing), we painted a thick layer of paint on the styrofoam.

After that, we got a black A3 piece of paper and folded it in half, which we would print our painting on. Carefully, we turned the styrofoam over onto the paper, making sure we didn’t move it; in order that it wouldn’t smudge. Next, we had to press hard on the stryofoam so the paint would show. When this was done, we carefully printed our work onto the next half by doing the same process.

This was a very fun activity to do!

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