Making Earthquake-Proof Buildings!

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 Our topic this half term is earthquakes and volcanoes. Following several experiments that we’ve already done, this week Asia class tried to make earthquake-proof buildings. Our base was a bowl of jelly and there were five groups. Each one was given 30 cocktail sticks and 30 mini marshmallows to make a building that would stand up firmly on the jelly whilst being shaken. Our buildings would be judged on how tall and how stable they were.

All the groups went for different designs, but we found out that the most stable was one that included triangles. We were given about half an hour to finish our building. After that time was up, all of our buildings were measured, the highest one reaching up to 32 cm! Each building was then shaken for 20 seconds to see whether it was truly earthquake-proof or not. Some collapsed, whilst others stayed put. In the end, the most stable buildings were the ones that had a wide base.

This experiment was extremely fun, but also taught us how earthquake-proof buildings are made.

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