Putting the WOW into our writing!

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In Australasia, the children have been learning to improve their writing by using time conjunctions and trying to vary their sentences using ISPACE.  This is in an effort to really try and hit their end of year TARGET STEPS.

ISPACE stands for: ING words, similes, prepositions, adverbs, conjunctions and ED words.

They have been learning to do this by experimenting with using different openings in sentences and looking at impact on the reader.  They then applied their learning to their Roman topic and wrote descriptive pieces of writing based on one of three different scenarios.  The piece below describes a Roman battle:

It was the day of the great battle and on the long journey to Britain, Marcius was feeling nervous. Training had been almost impossible and he really hoped it was worth it.

As loud as a foghorn, the Celts charged carelessly to the soft, sandy beach, awaiting the Roman soldiers. Back in the boat however, the Romans were not calm at all. In fact they were absolutely terrified!   

On top of all that, Marcius was feeling quite excited! Never had he been in a battle before, so this was a massive step forward for him.  Suddenly, the Roman soldiers jumped off the boats and ran crazily towards the mad Celts.  The battle had begun…

As soon as his feet had touched the ground, Marcius threw golden spear and watched it sink slowly into a Celt’s shoulder.  Marcius did a leap for joy as he felt a tingle of victory creep up his spine.  He knew he could win this battle.

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