Bicarbonate of Soda Volcanoes!

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This week in Asia we have learnt to make our own mini DIY volcano. We did this because our topic is volcanoes and earthquakes also our science topic is chemical reactions. This inspired us to make a bicarbonate of soda volcano.

To do this we went in groups of 5 and 6.Once we had made the groups, we began to make the volcanoes. Firstly, we put an empty plastic bottle in the middle of a tray. To make it look more realistic we built a cone like shape around the bottle out of soil. This was to make it look like a real volcano. Then we added fairy liquid to make it bubble when the foam came up.We added powder paint to make the foam look like lava.

Next we put 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda into the volcano. We then poured 100mls of vinegar into the volcano. Next we waited a short amount of time then… BOOM. The volcano erupted! This happened because of the chemical reaction when bicarbonate soda and vinegar combined. Our volcanoes lasted about 1 to 3 minutes and we had lots of fun making them.

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