How Do Kitchen Appliances REALLY work..?

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This week we have been writing our fantasy ideas of how kitchen appliances work, for example toasters and dishwashers. We were inspired by a book called ‘Until I met Dudley’ by Chris Riddell and Roger McGough, which is about how gadgets we use every day really work. For example, in the book, a toaster works by a dragon breathing on the piece of bread. We got the chance to write our own versions of how kitchen tools really work. One of our classmates came up with the alternative idea that a match stick is lit on the bread then an ice man breathes on it to put out the fire!

Firstly we drew the process of how the gadgets work as a comic, and labelled the people or things inside. Then we looked up some facts on who really invented the appliance and when, to make the introduction sound realistic. Lastly we wrote an explanation text on how the process works.

We were very pleased with the piece of writing and Mr Dodson has put them on the wall for everybody to see.


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