The Sea Slugs, Afrobeat band workshop

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Southampton Afrobeat band The Sea Slugs, led a music workshop with Y5/6 this week. This is a report of the visit by Lily, Sophie and Felix, all pupils in Y6.
On Monday, a band, which was called the Sea Slugs, came to our school to sing and dance with us. They were called the Sea Slugs because they were inspired by an underwater piece of music. Everyone sang a song called Monkey Banana, which was a call and response song. Even the teachers were having fun!
We started off by learning the exciting actions to Monkey Banana. Every person had to jump as high as they could, and wave their arms about. While we were singing, we were asked to step side to side to the beat. All the people in the band were wearing brightly coloured t-shirts, and one of them had dreadlocks!
The instruments that were included were: 2 electric guitars, a drum kit, African drums, keyboard, saxophone.
After the song we started to get instruments out. Some children brought in their own instruments, but if you didn’t you got to choose a percussion instrument. Then we learned how to play the tune of Monkey Bananas. At the end we all played it together – it sounded beautiful!

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