Stone Age Day!

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What a super start to our Stone Age topic! Yr3/4 came into school as people from the Stone Age and embarked upon a variety of activities that came from their ideas for the topic! Children learnt about chronology and where the Stone Age period of time was, learnt about why people in the Stone Age had to protect themselves, conducted their own research, and had a Hunter Gatherer Mission!
As Hunter Gatherers, we carefully moved across the terrain into the grounds of the Secret Garden at Southampton University. Avoiding mammoths and saber-tooth tigers was difficult…darting back and forth and taking cover was necessary, as we gathered berries for dinner. When we arrived back at base, we used the berries (instead of dinner) to create cave art in darkness, pretending that we were in a Stone Age cave. The children planned their art in groups while learning to learn to collaborate as the reciprocal racoon. They then created created their masterpieces, which showed representations of hunt scenes and prehistoric animals. Our final review of the outcomes showed that the planning and collaboration was fruitful! The pungent smell of crushed berries filled the Junior Department…so we decided to photograph our outcomes for display, as opposed to keeping the real thing! Mr King is excited to have the art gracing his office walls! A super start to our new topic of learning! Well done Yr3/4!

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