Fun With Sugar!

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This half term, Asia Class started their new topic of experiments, by seeing which sugar would dissolve the quickest.

We split up into different groups, to make sure that this was a fair test and to compare our results at the end. This was a proper science experiment that included a prediction, carrying out the experiment and then evaluating the accuracy and finally comparing our answers and seeing what they were.

There were various types of sugars that we tested, which were brown sugar, caster sugar, granulated sugar, a sugar cube and icing sugar. We made sure that this was a fair test by measuring the amounts of sugar and water we put into our measuring jugs, watching the sugar dissolve 3 times and then finding the average.

Which sugar do you think separated into small pieces the fastest? The findings  were different for all of the groups but most of them showed that the icing sugar was the quickest to dissolve. This is because the sugar crystals were smaller than all the other types, therefore allowing the molecules to spread out quicker. The slowest sugar to dissolve was the sugar cube, because all of the crystals were huddled up together whereas all the other sugars were not. Consequently, it took longer for the water to reach the middle of the cube.

Asia class had a great time doing this experiment and are looking forward to the ones in the future!

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