Science Day hits Yr3/4 in an explosion of SOUND!!

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Wow what a day for Yr3/4!!!! Europe, Africa and Australia merged across the classes this morning to engage in a Science Day linked to our Jessie Came Across The Sea focus on sound. The children learnt about how sounds were created by exploring a variety of objects and drew some very scientific diagrams involving vibrations and sound waves!! They also learnt about sound travelling as vibrations through different mediums to the ear and enjoyed a game of ‘Bats and Moths’ after reading a story about ‘Echo the bat’! The word ‘echolocation’ was zinging around Yr3/4 as the scientists were in action! The children also learnt to ‘make links’ as the BLP Resourceful Rat while investigating patterns in pitch and the object that created them! Some amazing conclusions were drawn which linked scientific understanding to the investigation outcomes! As we continue our learning, we will apply our knowledge as we ‘think scientifically’ in our exploration of sounds as Jessie begins her long voyage across the Atlantic Ocean!

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