'Nobody Left Behind' – Yr6 Reading Coaches WOW on DAY 1!!!

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Big congratulations to our Yr6 Reading Coaches as they began their journey with some of our Yr3/4 pupils this morning in an aim to ensure that the ‘Ethic of Everyone’ is maintained with ‘Nobody Left Behind’. After some training last week, the Reading Coaches took to their roles with enthusiasm and maturity for the first time today. They put their skills in peer feedback and reading understanding into play simultaneously, in a flourish of productivity across the Junior Department. The Yr6 children trailblazed our school philosophy of Kind, Helpful and Specific feedback superbly well, as they read with their younger peers, keen to help them close the gap to meet their Target Steps. God created us as individuals and gifted us in different ways, so we will use these gifts to help our fellow pupils in our strive for ‘Nobody Left Behind’.

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