Fairthorne Manor!

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On the 21st of September, the children in Year 6 went on an exciting week at the camping site known as Fairthorne. The pupils enjoyed many adventurous and fun activities involving Orienteering, the Leap of Faith, Team Challenge and much more. They slept and relaxed in their dorms and in the evening, they feasted upon 1st class meals. Here is a quote from Finley Godderidge, a member of the class:

“I enjoyed very many activities and were all very fun. However, the 2 main ones that stood out the most were Low Ropes and Archery because it was enjoyable and on Low Ropes it was funny to watch people try the Leap of Faith.”

When the sun has set, a campfire, disco and a quiz finished the night in great success. The Year 6’s really loved their stay at Fairthorne and hope you have a great time if your son/ daughter go.

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