Egyptian Computerised Creations!

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In Year 3/4 we have been using the program Sketchup to design and build our very own Egyptian Pyramids, complete with inner tunnels and tombs!

Firstly, we had to use our BLP distilling skills to find out how to construct pyramid shapes.  We did this by watching video demonstrations, by working with more experienced pupils and by exploring the program through ‘play time’!

In the next session we learnt how to make our pyramids interactive by creating tunnels and tombs that you could actually walk through using one of the program’s features. Two expert pupils taught groups and classes how to do this, without the need for a teacher!

It was now time to start really engaging our BLP imagining brains! Using the skills we had developed over the previous couple of lessons, we were give the independence to create our own interactive pyramids, letting our imagination and creativity run wild!

The next few weeks will see us applying these skills to create a Pharaoh’s tomb, complete with hidden treasures within!

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