Varjak Paw

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We have been reading Varjak Paw a story about a cat called Varjak who has left his home in search of a dog to help his family escape ‘the gentleman’ and his cats. In his search, Varjak has found two friends to help him, Holly (a cat) and Cludge a (dog). Unfortunately, when the three friends came to get over the walls surrounding the family’s house, Varjak realises, Cludge can’t climb walls! We have been writing the ending of Varjak from the point of view of Cludge and how he gets over the wall. Click on the attachments to read extracts of some of our endings.

Bang! Crash! Clutter! Cludge could feel the horrible pain tensing his whole body; he could feel it rising in his throat. The pain was saying stop, stop you can’t do it! But his brain was saying carry on, carry on, your friends need you! Cludge was in two minds; should he carry on, or should he give up? No, he would do it. He would carry on.
By Holly

Through the house! With muscled paws, he nudged the cat flap. Nope, didn’t budge an inch. In a blink of an eye, a huge bundle of fur (Cludge) smashed the brick with incredible force. Ow! Shrieked Cludge as his head collided with the brick.
The transparent windows looked like more of a chance. Within a split second a big bit of powerful pain hit the windows with the force of power itself. SMASH! The window shattered as if it were made of paper.
By Nathaniel

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