Preparations for the infamous ‘Cat Walk’ are in progress…

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Europe have had a busy afternoon applying their art learning on pattern to create their very own motif proto-types. Tomorrow, they will begin the transformation process, as they use their motifs to create cat patterns on garments ready to model in the ‘Cat Walk’ Fashion Show next Friday 22nd…parents…you wait till you see these creations!!!!
They are also in the process of creating their own MS Powerpoint presentations for the ‘Cat Walk’ backdrop, which combine information on cat care and types of cat. It is due to be an informative and entertaining event next week for Yr3/4 – we look forward to seeing you there at 2.45pm and then for the Bake Sale from 3.15pm to raise money for the RSPCA…all great ideas by the children.

Alishaba: “I really like the art because you get to design your own patterns.”

Ruth: “I really like the art learning that we’re doing, because you get to make your own pattern and stencil for the motif.”

Lucia: “I like the book that we’re reading (Varjak Paw), because we get to do loads of fun Literacy based on it and all our learning is linked to cats.”

Jacob: “I really like the art because it takes a lot of perseverance.”

Ben Y: “I really like the pattern art, because you can get really creative with the patterns that you make.”

Scott: “I like art because when you do learning with it, it’s fun.”


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