Start of their last term at Highfield.

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This week in Year 6, there has been more preparation for
SATs. Every morning, we have been doing tests to brace ourselves with the SATs

In Literacy this week, we have been planning and starting to
write explanation texts on Rock Challenge. We have been working in pairs to
plan and write a piece of writing informing someone in Year 3 what Rock
Challenge is and what happens during the course of the five or so months
preparing for the performance.

It has been tests and tests and more tests in Maths. To give
ourselves an idea of what the real thing would be like, on Wednesday, lots of
us did the test in proper, strict test conditions.

In ICT, we have finished with the Scratch projects and we
are now working on Google Sketchup, a programme that allows you to create 3D
objects. This week, we were able to explore the programme, use all of its
functions, and create whatever we wanted.


On Friday 24 April 2015, the BBC came to Highfield School to
film their breakfast show in Europe Class. The School Council and a few other
children were asked to come to school at 7:00am to be the background to their
show. Many of the children came out the ‘filming room’ (Europe Base) saying it
was an absolutely amazing experience. The BBC Breakfast Show was filming in
Europe class because they were talking about education. If you couldn’t watch
it, you can always watch it on BBC iPlayer whenever you want.

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